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Entry  Thu Mar 18 15:33:17 2010, kiwamu, Summary, Electronics, advantege of our triple resonant EOM electrode.png
    Reply  Thu Mar 18 19:00:04 2010, Koji, Summary, Electronics, advantege of our triple resonant EOM 
       Reply  Sat Mar 20 18:34:19 2010, kiwamu, Summary, Electronics, RE:advantege of our triple resonant EOM 
Message ID: 2682     Entry time: Thu Mar 18 15:33:17 2010     Reply to this: 2683
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Summary 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: advantege of our triple resonant EOM 

In this LVC meeting I discussed about triple resonant EOMs with Volker who was a main person of development of triple resonant EOMs at University of Florida.

Actually his EOM had been already installed at the sites. But the technique to make a triple resonance is different from ours.

They applied three electrodes onto a crystal instead of one as our EOM, and put three different frequencies on each electrode.

For our EOM, we put three frequencies on one electrode. You can see the difference in the attached figure. The left figure represents our EOM and the right is Volker's.

Then the question is; which can achieve better modulation efficiency ?

Volker and I talked about it and maybe found an answer,

 We believe our EOM can be potentially better because we use full length of the EO crystal.

This is based on the fact that the modulation depth is proportional to the length where a voltage is applied onto.

The people in University of Florida just used one of three separated parts of the crystal for each frequency.

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