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Entry  Fri Feb 26 15:32:13 2010, steve, Configuration, VAC, preparation for power outage: vacuum all off ventd3.jpg
    Reply  Mon Mar 1 11:21:50 2010, steve, Configuration, VAC, vacuum contoller is back to normal 
    Reply  Thu Mar 11 15:24:51 2010, steve, Metaphysics, Environment, IFO was well protected 
Message ID: 2667     Entry time: Thu Mar 11 15:24:51 2010     In reply to: 2644
Author: steve 
Type: Metaphysics 
Category: Environment 
Subject: IFO was well protected 


There is a planned power outage tomorrow, Saturday from 7am till midnight.

I vented all annulies and switched to ALL OFF configuration. The small region of the RGA is still under vacuum.

The vac-rack: gauges, c1vac1 and UPS turned off.

 It turns out that we perfecly timed the big one

In the process of finding the signal of the big chilean earthquake I just realized that we were all off

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