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Entry  Sun Mar 7 07:01:21 2010, rana, Update, WienerFiltering, Guralp Huddle Test software huddlez.png
    Reply  Sat Mar 13 22:16:03 2010, rana, Update, WienerFiltering, Guralp Huddle Test software guralpznoise.png
Message ID: 2660     Entry time: Sun Mar 7 07:01:21 2010     Reply to this: 2672
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: WienerFiltering 
Subject: Guralp Huddle Test software 

We need to do a new huddle test of the Guralps for the Wiener filtering paper. The last test had miserable results.

I tried to use recent data to do this, but it looks like we forgot to turn the Guralp box back on after the power outage or that they're far off center.

So instead I got data from after the previous power outage recovery.

I tried to use our usual Wiener filter method to subtract Guralp1-Z from Guralp2-Z, but that didn't work so well. It was very sensitive to the pre-weighting.

Instead I used the new .m file that Dmass wrote for subtracting the phase noise from his doubling noise MZ. That worked very well. It does all of the subtraction in the frequency domain and so doesn't have to worry about making a stable or causal filter. As you can see, it beats our weighted Wiener filter at all frequencies.


The attached plot shows the Guralp spectra (red & green), the residual using time-domain Wiener filtering (black) and the Dmass f-domain code (yellow).

As soon as Jenne brings in her beer cooler, we're ready to redo the Huddle Test.


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