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Entry  Fri Feb 26 15:32:13 2010, steve, Configuration, VAC, preparation for power outage: vacuum all off ventd3.jpg
    Reply  Mon Mar 1 11:21:50 2010, steve, Configuration, VAC, vacuum contoller is back to normal 
    Reply  Thu Mar 11 15:24:51 2010, steve, Metaphysics, Environment, IFO was well protected 
Message ID: 2648     Entry time: Mon Mar 1 11:21:50 2010     In reply to: 2644
Author: steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: vacuum contoller is back to normal 


There is a planned power outage tomorrow, Saturday from 7am till midnight.

I vented all annulies and switched to ALL OFF configuration. The small region of the RGA is still under vacuum.

The vac-rack: gauges, c1vac1 and UPS turned off.

 Vac- rack is powered back up.  UPS first, than all other power switches from top to bottom of the rack, except Maglev

Manually started one by one TP2 and TP3  to accelerate to 50 KRPM

Brought up vac.control screen on lap-top at /cvs/cds/caltech/medm/c0/ve/VacControl_BAK.adl

V5 and VM3 were opened so TP3 can pump on the RGA

V4 was opened so TP2 can pump on the Maglev-TP1. The Maglev power was  turned on and started acceleration.

The vac control screen positions indicators were checked for true position and annulies vent valves were opened.

RGA manual on/off switch was turned at the top of the RGA-head. Ubuntu copmuter was started at cc4 1.1e-6 Torr

The RGA communication was started with:  ssh c0rga from control room

The rga-script was started ./RGAset.py     This script turns on the filament, rs-232 and scan parameters etc


Vac -configuration: IFO-P1 at atm, RGA is pumped and running in background mode, all annulos at atm


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