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Entry  Tue Feb 23 13:37:04 2010, kiwamu and steve, Configuration, VAC, venting the 40m vac envelope 
    Reply  Tue Feb 23 19:07:43 2010, kiwamu and steve, Configuration, VAC, vent is completed vent2010feb23.jpg
Message ID: 2631     Entry time: Tue Feb 23 13:37:04 2010     Reply to this: 2636
Author: kiwamu and steve 
Type: Configuration 
Category: VAC 
Subject: venting the 40m vac envelope 

Kiwamu and Steve have started venting the 40m vacuum envelope.


centered oplevs at resonating cavities,

ITM references were set by green pointer from the ends by Koji,

closed  PSL shutter and placed manual block into beam path,

checked  jamnuts in locked positions on bellows,

turned  HV off at PZT-Jena "steering mirror" power supply and OMC HV ps

checked  particle counts,

switched oplev servos off,

set up N2 cylinder to start vent from 1e-6 Torr to 25 Torr,

have ~ 6 cylinders of instrument grade compressed air to bring envelope from 25 Torr to 760 Torr


All three cranes were wiped off today.


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