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Message ID: 2599     Entry time: Fri Feb 12 15:59:16 2010
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Testpoints not working 

Non-testpoint channels seem to be working in data viewer, however testpoints are not.  The tpman process is not running on fb40m.  My rudimentary attempts to start it have failed. 

# /usr/controls/tpman &
# VMIC RFM 5565 (0) found, mapped at 0x2868c90
VMIC RFM 5579 (1) found, mapped at 0x2868c90
Could not open 5565 reflective memory in /dev/daqd-rfm1
16 kHz system
Spawn testpoint manager
no test point service registered
Test point manager startup failed; -1

It looks like it may be an issue with the reflected memory (although the cables are plugged in and I see the correct lights lit on the RFM card in back of fb40m.)

The fact that this is a RFM error is confirmed by /usr/install/rfm2g_solaris/vmipci/sw-rfm2g-abc-005/util/diag/rfm2g_util and entering 3 (which should be the device number).

Interestingly, the device number 4 works, and appears to be the correct RFM network (i.e. changing ETMY lscPos offset changes to the corresponding value in memory).

So, my theory is that when Alex put the cards back in, the device number (PCI slot location?) was changed, and now the tpman code doesn't know where to look for it.

Edit: Doesn't look like PCI slot location is it, given there's 4 slots and its in #3 currently (or 2 I suppose, depending on which way you count).  Neither seems much the number 4.  So I don't know how that device number gets set.



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