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Entry  Thu Feb 11 18:33:54 2010, josephb, alex, Update, Computers, Status of the IP change over 
    Reply  Thu Feb 11 19:20:44 2010, rana, Update, Computers, Status of the IP change over 
       Reply  Fri Feb 12 11:44:11 2010, josephb, Update, Computers, Status of the IP change over 
Message ID: 2594     Entry time: Fri Feb 12 11:44:11 2010     In reply to: 2593
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Status of the IP change over 


After Joe left:

  1. Turned on op440m and returned him his keyboard and mouse.
  2. Damped MC2.
  3. Opened PSL shutter - locked PMC, FSS,
  4. Started StripTool displays on op540m.
  5. op340m doesn't respond to ping from anyone.
  6. started FSS  SLOW and RCPID scripts on op540 - need to kill and restart on op430m.
  7. ASS wouldn't come up - it doesn't know who linux1 is.
  8. MC autolocker wouldn't run on op540m because of a perl module issue, started it on op440m - it needs to be killed and restarted on op430m.
  9. probably mafalda, linux2, and op430m need some attention - they are all in the same rack.

As of 7:18 PM, the MC is locked and the PSL seems normal + all suspensions are damped and the ELOG is back up as well as the SVN.

5) op340m has had its hosts table and other network files updated.  I also removed its outdated hosts.deny file which was causing some issues with ssh.

6) On op340m I started FSSSlowServo, with "nohup ./FSSSlowServo", after killing it on op540m.

I also kill RCthermalPID.pl, and started with "nohup ./RCthermalPID.pl" on op540m.

7) c1ass is fixed now.  There was a typo in the resolv.conf file (namerserver -> nameserver) which has been fixed.  It is now using the DNS server running on linux1 for all its host name needs.

8) I killed the autlockMCmain40m process running on op440m, modified the script to run on op340m, logged into op340m, went to /cvs/cds/caltech/scripts/MC and ran nohup ./autolockMCmain40m

9) Linux2 does not look like it has not been connected for awhile and its wasn't connected when we started the IP change over yesterday.  Is it supposed to still be in use?  If so, I can hook it up fairly easily.  op340m, as noted earlier, has been switched over.  Mafalda has been switched over.

10) c0rga has now been switched over. 

11) aldabella, the vacuum laptop has had its starting environment variables tweaked (in the /home/controls/.cshrc file) so that it looks on the 192.168.113 network instead of the 131.215.113.  This should mean Steve will not have any more trouble starting up his vacuum control screen.

12) Ottavia has been switched over.

13) At this time, only the GPIB devices and a few laptops remain to get switched over.

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