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Entry  Wed Feb 10 17:28:02 2010, kiwamu, Update, Electronics, triple resonant EOM ---- preliminary result mod_depth.png
    Reply  Wed Feb 10 23:15:37 2010, Koji, Update, Electronics, triple resonant EOM ---- preliminary result 
       Reply  Thu Feb 11 16:52:53 2010, kiwamu, Update, Electronics, triple resonant EOM ---- preliminary result 
Message ID: 2590     Entry time: Thu Feb 11 16:52:53 2010     In reply to: 2587
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: triple resonant EOM ---- preliminary result 

The commercial resonant EOM of New Focus has the modulation efficiency of 50-150mrad/Vrms. ( This number is only true for those EOM made from KTP such as model4063 and model4463 )

Our triple-resonant EOM (made from KTP as well) has a 90mrad/Vrms and 80mrad/Vrms at the reosonances of 11MHz and 55MHz respectively.

Therefore our EOM is as good as those of company-made so that we can establish a new EOM company


Hey, this looks nice, but can you provide us the comparison of rad/V with the resonant EOM of New Focus?


I have made a prototype circuit of the triple resonant EOM.

The attached is the measured optical response of the system.

The measured gains at the resonances are 8.6, 0.6 and 7.7 for 11MHz, 29.5MHz and 55MHz respectively.

I successfully got nice peaks at 11MHz and 55MHz. In addition resultant optical response is well matched with the predicted curve from the measured impedance.

However there is a difference from calculated response (see past entry) (i.e. more gains were expected)

Especially for the resonance of 29.5MHz, it was calculated to have gain of 10, however it's now 0.6. Therefore there must a big loss electrically around 29.5MHz.

I am going to re-analyze the impedance and model the performance in order to see what is going on.



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