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Entry  Thu Dec 17 09:30:08 2009, Alberto, HowTo, Computers, Nodus sluggish 
    Reply  Thu Dec 17 19:03:14 2009, Alberto, HowTo, Computers, Nodus sluggish 
Message ID: 2429     Entry time: Thu Dec 17 19:03:14 2009     In reply to: 2427
Author: Alberto 
Type: HowTo 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Nodus sluggish 


The elog has been quite slow for the last two days. The cause is nodus, that has been slowing down the access to it.

I looked at the list of the running processes on nodus by typing the command prstat, which is the equivalent for Solaris of the Linux "top". I didn't see any particular process that might be absorbing too many resources.

I remember Rana fixing the same problem in the past but couldn't find his elog entry about that. Maybe we should just restart nodus, unless someone has some other suggestion.

 Problem solved. Nodus and the elog are running fine. It's just that the elog takes some time to make a preview of complex pdf attachments, like those in Kiwamu's entry 2405.

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