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Message ID: 2362     Entry time: Mon Dec 7 19:02:22 2009
Author: Mott 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Reflectivity Measurements  

I have made some measurements of the R value for some coatings we are interested in.  The plots have statistical error bars from repeated measurements, but I would suspect that these do not dominate the noise, and would guess these should be trusted to plus or minus 5% or so.  They still should give some indication of how useful these coatings will be for the green light.  I plan to measure for the ITM as soon as possible, but with the venting and finals this may not be until late this week.


EDIT (12/9/09): I fixed the label on the y axis of the plots, and changed them to png format.

Attachment 1: Y1-45P_R.png  6 kB  Uploaded Wed Dec 9 14:31:54 2009  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 2: Y1-45S_R.png  7 kB  Uploaded Wed Dec 9 14:32:07 2009  | Hide | Hide all
Attachment 3: Y1-50CC_R.png  6 kB  Uploaded Wed Dec 9 14:32:23 2009  | Hide | Hide all
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