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Message ID: 2275     Entry time: Mon Nov 16 15:58:02 2009
Author: josephb 
Type: Configuration 
Category: General 
Subject: Added Gige camera to AP table, added some screens 

I placed a GC750 gige camera looking at a pickoff of the AS port, basically next to the analog camera, on the AP table.

I've modified the main sitemap to include a CAM button, for the digital cameras.  There's a half done screen associated with it.  At the moment, it reports on the X and Y center of mass calculation, the exposure setting, and displays a little graph with a dot indicating the COM of mass location.  Currently this screen is associated a GC750 camera looking at pickoff of the AS port.  I'm having some issues with getting shell scripts to run from it, as well as a slider having limits other than 0 and 0.

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