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Message ID: 2255     Entry time: Thu Nov 12 15:40:27 2009
Author: josephb, koji, peter 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: ETMY and Megatron test take 1 

We connected megatron to the IO chassis which in turn was plugged into the rest of the ITMY setup.  We had manually turned the watchdogs off before we touched anything, to ensure we didn't accidently drive the optic.  The connections seem to go smoothly.

However, on reboot of megatron with the IO chassis powered up, we were unable to actually start the code.  (The subsystem has been renamed from SAS to TST, short for test).  While starttst claimed to start the IOC Server, we couldn't find the process running, nor did the medm screens associated with it work.

As a sanity test, we tried running mdp, Peter's plant model, but even that didn't actually run.  Although it also gave an odd error we hadn't seen before:

"epicsThreadOnceOsd epicsMutexLock failed."

Running startmdp a second time didn't give the error message, but still no running code.  The mdp medm screens remained white.

We turned the IO chassis off and rebooted megatron, but we're still having the same problem.


Things to try tomorrow:

1) Try disconnecting megatron completely from the IO chassis and get it to a state identical to that of last night, when the mdp and mdc did run.

2) Confirm the .mdl files are still valid, and try rebuilding them

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