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Message ID: 2227     Entry time: Tue Nov 10 17:01:33 2009
Author: Alberto 
Type: Configuration 
Category: IOO 
Subject: c1ioovme and c1iool0 rebooted  

This afternoon, while I was trying to add the StochMon channels to the frames, I rebooted the c1ioovme and c1iool0.

I had to do it twice because of a mispelling in the C1IOO.INI file that the first time prevented the computer to restart properly.

Eventually I restored the old .ini file, as it was before the changes.

After rebooting I also burtrestored.

During the process the mode cleaner got unlocked. Later on the autoclokcer couldn't engage. I had to run the MC_down and MC_up scripts.

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