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Message ID: 2212     Entry time: Mon Nov 9 13:22:08 2009
Author: josephb,alex 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Megatron update 

Alex and I took a look at megatron this morning, and it was in the same state I left it on Friday, with file system errors.  We were able to copy the advLIGO directory Peter had been working in to Linux1, so it should be simple to restore the code.  We then tried just running fsck, and overwritting bad sectors, but after about 5 minutes it was clear it could potentially take a long time (5-10 seconds per unreadable block, with an unknown number of blocks, possibly tens or millions).  The decision was made to simply replace the hard drive.

Alex is of the opinion that the hard drive failure was a coincidence.  Or rather, he can't see how the RFM card could have caused this kind of failure.

Alex went to Bridge to grab a usb to sata adapter for a new hard drive, and was going to copy a duplicate install of the OS onto it, and we'll try replacing the current hard drive with it.

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