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Message ID: 2195     Entry time: Fri Nov 6 17:04:01 2009
Author: josephb 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: RFM and Megatron 

I took the RFM 5565 card dropped off by Jay and installed it into megatron.  It is not very secure, as it was too tall for the slot and could not be locked down.  I did not connect the RFM fibers at this point, so just the card is plugged in.

Unfortunately, on power up, and immediately after the splash screen I get "NMI EVENT!" and "System halted due to fatal NMI". 

The status light on the RFM light remains a steady red as well.  There is a distinct possibility the card is broken in some way.

The card is a VMIPMC-5565 (which is the same as the card used by the ETMY front end machine).  We should get Alex to come in and look at it on Monday, but we may need to get a replacement.

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