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Message ID: 2192     Entry time: Fri Nov 6 10:35:56 2009
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: RFM reboot fest and re-enabled ITMY coil drivers 

As noted by Steve, the RFM network was down this morning.  I noticed that c1susvme1 sync counter was pegged at 16384, so I decided to start with reboots in that viscinity.

After power cycling crates containing c1sosvme, c1susvme1, and c1susvme2 (since the reset buttons didn't work) only c1sosvme and c1susvme2 came back normally.  I hooked up a monitor and keyboard to c1susvme1, but saw nothing.  I power cycled the c1susvme crate again, and this time I watched it boot properly.  I'm not sure why it failed the first time.

The RFM network is now operating normally.  I have re-enabled the watchdogs again after having turned them off for the reboots.  Steve and I also re-enabled the ITMY coil drivers when I noticed them not damping once the watch dogs were re-enabled.  The manual switches had been set to disabled, so we re-enabled them.

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