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Message ID: 2166     Entry time: Sun Nov 1 17:58:44 2009
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Update on Video Switch 

The current update on the Chameleon video switch is: no progress.

I connected the old laptop that Rob/Steve acquired via RS-232 serial to the back of the video switch.  I'm using P2, the same serial port that the C1AUX computer was connected to just in case there's something good about P2 vs. P1. 

I used HyperTerminal to (try to) talk to the switch.  Settings were:  COM1, bits per second = 9600, data bits = 8, parity = none, stop bits = 1, flow control = none.  I can successfully send/get back responses to the basic commands, I (inquiry as to the type of equipment), and H (help - spits out the list of acceptable commands).  But when I try to do an actual command to do some video switching, everything hangs.  The front panel's rolling display (which just echos the company name) stops, then starts up again after ~20sec.  The hyperterminal display doesn't change.  I get neither the "DONE" answerback, which would indicate that the command executed successfully, nor do I get the "ERROR" answerback, which would indicate that something is wrong.  It just hangs.  If I disconnect, and restart the connection, and instead of trying a real command, but instead just send 'blahblahblah', then it will answerback 'ERROR' the first time, and then if I try to send another garbage message, everything hangs again.  So, I can sort of talk to the video switch, but I can't make it do anything yet.

I'm leaving the laptop connected instead of C1AUX, since the video EPICS screen doesn't work anyway for now.  If you want to start up the connection, either input the settings quoted above, or open "40m Video", which should have these connection settings saved in HyperTerminal.

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