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Entry  Mon Oct 26 15:40:01 2009, steve, Update, PSL, laser power is down  laserpowerdown.jpg
    Reply  Mon Oct 26 23:14:08 2009, Koji, Update, PSL, laser power is down  PSL091026.png
Message ID: 2147     Entry time: Mon Oct 26 23:14:08 2009     In reply to: 2142
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: laser power is down  

I adjusted the steerings to the PMC and gained 7%. Now the MC_TRANS 7.0 has been recovered.

Actually I need another 7% to get MC_TRANS 7.5.
But I couldn't find how I can recover 126MOPA-AMPMON to 2.8ish.


The laser power is down 5-6%


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