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Message ID: 2120     Entry time: Mon Oct 19 18:14:28 2009
Author: rob 
Type: Update 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: video switch broken 

The Chameleon HB (by Knox) video switch that we use for routing video signals into the control room monitors is broken.  Well, either it's broken, or something is wrong with the mv162 EPICS IOC which communicates with it via RS-232.  Multiple reboots/resets of both machines has not yet worked.  The CHHB has two RS-232 inputs--I switched to the second one, and there is now one signal coming through to a monitor but no switching yet. I've been unable to further debug it because we don't have anything in the lab (other than the omega iserver formerly used for the RGA logger) which can communicate with RS-232 ports.  I've been trying to get this thing (the iserver) working again, but can't communicate with it yet.  For now I'm just going to bypass the video switch entirely and use up all the BNC barrel connectors in the lab, so we can at least have the useful video displays back.

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