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Message ID: 2067     Entry time: Thu Oct 8 11:10:50 2009
Author: josephb, jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: EPICs Computer troubles 

At around 9:45 the RFM/FB network alarm went off, and I found c1asc, c1lsc, and c1iovme not responding. 

I went out to hard restart them, and also c1susvme1 and c1susvme2 after Jenne suggested that.

c1lsc seemed to have a promising come back initially, but not really.  I was able to ssh in and run the start command.  The green light under c1asc on the RFMNETWORK status page lit, but the reset and CPU usage information is still white, as if its not connected.   If I try to load an LSC channel, say like PD5_DC monitor, as a testpoint in DTT it works fine, but the 16 Hz monitor version for EPICs is dead.  The fact that we were able to ssh into it means the network is working at least somewhat.

I had to reboot c1asc multiple times (3 times total), waiting a full minute on the last power cycle, before being able to telnet in.  Once I was able to get in, I restarted the startup.cmd, which did set the DAQ-STATUS to green for c1asc, but its having the same lack of communication as c1lsc with EPICs.

c1iovme was rebooted, was able to telnet in, and started the startup.cmd.  The status light went green, but still no epics updates.

The crate containing c1susvme1 and c1susvme2 was power cycled.  We were able to ssh into c1susvme1 and restart it, and it came back fully.  Status light, cpu load and channels working.  However I c1susvme2 was still having problems, so I power cycled the crate again.  This time c1susvme2 came back, status light lit green, and its channels started updating.

At this point, lacking any better ideas, I'm going to do a full reboot, cycling c1dcuepics and proceeding through the restart procedures.

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