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Message ID: 1984     Entry time: Fri Sep 11 17:07:45 2009
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Adaptive Filtering 
Subject: Minor changes to ASS_TOP_PEM screen. 

There was some uncertainty as to which channels were being input into the Adaptive Filtering screen, so I checked it out to confirm.  As expected, the rows on the ASS_TOP_PEM screen directly correspond to the BNC inputs on the PEM_ADCU board in the 1Y6 (I think it's 6...) rack.  So C1:ASS-TOP_PEM_1_INMON corresponds to the first BNC (#1) on the ADCU, etc. 

After checking this out, I put text tags next to all the inputs on the ASS_TOP_PEM screen for all of the seismometers (which had not been there previously).  Now it's nice and easy to select which witness channels you want to use for the adaptation.

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