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Message ID: 1982     Entry time: Thu Sep 10 17:47:25 2009
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: changes to the startass scripts 

[Rana, Jenne]

While I was mostly able to restart the c1ass computer earlier today, the filter banks were acting totally weird.  They were showing input excitations when we weren't putting any, and they were showing that the outputs were all zero, even though the inputs were non-zero and the input and the output were both enabled. The solution to this ended up being to use the 2nd to last assfe.rtl backup file.  Rana made a symbolic link from assfe.rtl to the 2nd to last backup, so that the startup.cmd script does not need to be changed whenever we alter the front end code.

The startup_ass script, in /caltech/target/gds/ which, among other things, starts the awgtpman was changed to match the instructions on the wiki Computer Restart page.  We now start up the /opt/gds/awgtpman .  This may or may not be a good idea though, since we are currently not able to get channels on DTT and Dataviewer for the C1:ASS-TOP_PEM channels.  When we try to run the awgtpman that the script used to try to start ( /caltech/target/gds/bin/ ) we get a "Floating Exception". We should figure this out though, because the /opt/gds/awgtpman does not let us choose 2kHz as an option, which is the rate that the ASS_TOP stuff seems to run at.

The last fix made was to the screen snapshot buttons on the C1:ASS_TOP screen.  When the screen was made, the buttons were copied from one of the other ASS screens, so the snapshots saved on the ASS_TOP screen were of the ASS_PIT screen.  Not so helpful.  Now the update snapshot button will actually update the ASS_TOP snapshot, and we can view past ASS_TOP shots.

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