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Entry  Fri Aug 14 10:39:50 2009, josephb, Configuration, Computers, Raid update to Framebuilder (specs) 
    Reply  Tue Aug 25 01:27:09 2009, rana, Configuration, Computers, Raid update to Framebuilder (not quite) 
       Reply  Tue Sep 8 15:14:26 2009, rana, alex, Configuration, DAQ, RAID update to Framebuilder: directories added + lookback increased 
Message ID: 1901     Entry time: Fri Aug 14 10:39:50 2009     Reply to this: 1939
Author: josephb 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Raid update to Framebuilder (specs) 

The RAID array servicing the Frame builder was finally switched over to JetStor Sata 16 Bay raid array. Each bay contains a 1 TB drive.  The raid is configured such that 13 TB is available, and the rest is used for fault protection.

The old Fibrenetix FX-606-U4, a 5 bay raid array which only had 1.5 TB space, has been moved over to linux1 and will be used to store /cvs/cds/.

This upgrade provides an increase in look up times from 3-4 days for all channels out to about 30 days.  Final copying of old data occured on August 5th, 2009, and was switched over on that date.

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