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Message ID: 1877     Entry time: Mon Aug 10 16:41:31 2009
Author: Alberto 
Type: Configuration 
Category: PSL 
Subject: PMC Visibility 

Alberto, Rana

lately we've been trying to better understand what's preventing the arm power to get high again. Last week I tuned the MZ and the PMC but we didn't gain much, if nothing at all.
Yesterday I measured the transmissivity, the reflectivity and the visibility of the PMC.
From the voltages at the PMC-REFL PD when the PMC was locked and when it was out of lock I estimated the cavity visibility:
V_locked = 0.42V
V_unlocked = 1.64V -> V = (V_unlocked - V_locked) / V_unlocked = 75%

With the high power meter I measured the reflected power when the PMC was unlocked and used that to obtain the calibration of the PMC-REFL PD: 1.12V/W.

Since the locked-cavity reflected power can't be directly measured with a power meter (since that would use the cavity control signal), I estimated the reflected power by the calibration of the PMC-REFL PD. Then I measured the input and the transmitted power with a high-power meter.

P_in = 1.98W ; P_trans = 1.28W ; P_refl = 0.45W

From that I estimated that the losses account to 13% of the input power.

I checked both the new and the old elogs to see if such a measurement had ever been done but it doesn't seems so. I don't know if such a value for the visibility is "normal". It seems a little low. For instance, as a comparison, the MC visibility, is equal to a few percents.

Also Rana measured the transmitted power after locking the PMC on the TEM20-02: the photodiode on the MEDM screen read 0.325V. That means that a lot of power is going to that mode.

That makes us think that we're dealing with a mode matching problem with the PMC.

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