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Entry  Tue Aug 4 23:03:56 2009, alberto, Update, Locking, IFO Alignment 
    Reply  Wed Aug 5 09:48:05 2009, alberto, Update, Locking, IFO Alignment 2009-08-09_FSStransPD.png2009-08-09_FSreflPD.png
       Reply  Thu Aug 6 09:33:08 2009, alberto, Update, Locking, FSS Transmitted and Reflected Power Trends 2009-08-06_PSL_trends200days.png2009-08-06_PSL_trends.png
          Reply  Thu Aug 6 10:32:45 2009, alberto, rob, Update, Locking, More PSL trends: NPRO, MOPA, FSS, PMC and MZ 2009-08-06_PSLtrends.png
Message ID: 1830     Entry time: Tue Aug 4 23:03:56 2009     Reply to this: 1833
Author: alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: Locking 
Subject: IFO Alignment 

After the mini boot fest that Jenne did today, I checked whether that fixed the overflow issues we yesterday prevented the alignemnt of the arms. 

I ran the alignment script for the arms getting 0.85 for TRX and 0.75 for TRY: low values.

After I ran the script ,C1SUSVME1 and C1SUSVME2 started having problems with the FE SYNC (counter at 16378). I rebooted those two and fix the sync problem but the transmitted powers didn't improve.

Are we still having problem due to MC misalignment?

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