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Entry  Mon Aug 3 01:08:20 2009, Alberto, Update, PSL, MC unlocked 
    Reply  Mon Aug 3 12:57:09 2009, Alberto, Update, PSL, MC unlocked 
Message ID: 1818     Entry time: Mon Aug 3 12:57:09 2009     In reply to: 1817
Author: Alberto 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: MC unlocked 


Friday afternoon the mode cleaner got unlocked. Then some adjustment of the MC1 bias sliders locked it again. The driftmon showed the excursion for pitch and yaw of MC1 becasue it wasn't updated after the change.

Tonight Rana found the MC unlocked and simply touched the sliders to bring the OSEMs back to the driftmon values.

MC1 Yaw remains different from the driftmon. If brught back to htat value, the MC would get unlocked.

More investigation is needed to understand why the MC lock hasn't been stable for the last few days.


 The mode cleaner is still unlocked. I played with the cable at the MC2 satellite to enusre they were all plugged in.

Then I tweaked the the mirrors alignment by the sliders and eventually I could get it locked stably with 1.3 reflection. Then I rebooted C1IOO because the WFS wouldn't engage. After that the cavity wasn't locked anymore. Trying to adjust the mirrors around their position didn't restore the lock.

More work is necessary.

I'll be back on it in a while.

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