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Entry  Wed Jul 29 13:15:35 2009, Clara, Update, PEM, Dents = Bad?? small_dent.pngbig_dent1.pngbig_dent2.png
    Reply  Wed Jul 29 19:46:04 2009, rana, alberto, Update, PEM, Dents = Bad?? 
Message ID: 1806     Entry time: Wed Jul 29 13:15:35 2009     Reply to this: 1811
Author: Clara 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: Dents = Bad?? 

I was in the lab last night accelerometerizing and noticed some dents on the tubes that stick out horizontally from the MC2 optical chamber (sorry, I don't know what they're called or what they do). One of them is pretty big... I don't know if this is a problem, but it probably isn't a good thing. Photos below:




This last one is a little hard to see... I was having trouble getting a good angle on it, but it's there. Not quite as significant as the first one though. (The first two pictures are of the same dent.)

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