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Entry  Sun Jul 12 20:06:44 2009, Jenne, DAQ, Computers, All computers down 
    Reply  Mon Jul 13 00:34:37 2009, Alberto, DAQ, Computers, All computers down 
       Reply  Mon Jul 13 00:53:50 2009, Alberto, DAQ, Computers, All computers down 
Message ID: 1735     Entry time: Mon Jul 13 00:34:37 2009     In reply to: 1733     Reply to this: 1736
Author: Alberto 
Type: DAQ 
Category: Computers 
Subject: All computers down 


I popped by the 40m, and was dismayed to find that all of the front end computers are red (only framebuilder, DAQcontroler, PEMdcu, and c1susvmw1 are green....all the rest are RED).


I keyed the crates, and did the telnet.....startup.cmd business on them, and on c1asc I also pushed the little reset button on the physical computer and tried the telnet....startup.cmd stuff again.  Utter failure. 


I have to pick someone up from the airport, but I'll be back in an hour or two to see what more I can do.

 I think the problem was caused by a failure of the RFM network: the RFM MEDM screen showed frozen values even when I was power recycling any of the FE computers. So I tried the following things:

- resetting the RFM switch
- power cycling the FE computers
- rebooting the framebuilder
but none of them worked.  The FEs didn't come back. Then I reset C1DCU1 and power cycled C1DAQCTRL.
After that, I could restart the FEs by power recycling them again. They all came up again except for C1DAQADW. Neither the remote reboot or the power cycling could bring it up.
After every attempt of restarting it its lights on the DAQ MEDM  screen turned green only for a fraction of a second and then became red again.
So far every attempt to reanimate it failed.
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