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Entry  Sat Oct 1 13:09:49 2022, Anchal, Update, IMC, WFS turned on 
    Reply  Mon Oct 3 08:35:59 2022, Tega, Update, IMC, Adding IMC channels to frames for NN test Screen_Shot_2022-09-30_at_9.52.39_AM.png
Message ID: 17168     Entry time: Sat Oct 1 13:09:49 2022     Reply to this: 17169
Author: Anchal 
Type: Update 
Category: IMC 
Subject: WFS turned on 

I turned on WFS on IMC at:

PDT: 2022-10-01 13:09:18.378404 PDT
UTC: 2022-10-01 20:09:18.378404 UTC
GPS: 1348690176.378404

The following channels are being saved in frames at 1024 Hz rate:


We can keep it running over the weekend as we will not use the interferometer. I'll keep an eye on it with occasional log in. We'll post the time when we switch it off again.

The IMC lost lock at:

UTC    Oct 03, 2022    01:04:16    UTC
Central    Oct 02, 2022    20:04:16    CDT
Pacific    Oct 02, 2022    18:04:16    PDT

GPS Time = 1348794274

The WFS loops kept running and thus took IMC to a misaligned state. Between the above two times, IMC was locked continuously with very brief lock loss events, and had all WFS loops running.

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