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Entry  Mon Aug 15 10:27:56 2022, Koji, Update, General, Recap of the additional measures for the outage prep PXL_20220812_234438097.jpgPXL_20220812_234655309.jpgPXL_20220812_234748559.jpgrn_image_picker_lib_temp_b5f3e38d-796c-4816-bc0e-b11ba3316cbe.jpgPXL_20220812_235429314.jpg
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Message ID: 17079     Entry time: Mon Aug 15 10:27:56 2022     Reply to this: 17080
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: Recap of the additional measures for the outage prep 

[Yuta Koji]

(Report on Aug 12, 2022)

We went around the lab for the final check. Here are the additional notes.

  • 1X9: The x-end frontend machine still had the AC power. The power strip to which the machine is connected was disconnected from the AC at the side of the rack. (Attachment 1)
  • 1X8: The vacuum rack still supplied the AC to c1vac. This was turned off at the UPS. (Attachment 2)
  • 1X6: VMI RFM hub still had the power. This was turned off at the rear switch. (Attachment 3)
  • PSL: The PSL door was open (reported above). Closed. (Attachment 4)
  • 1Y2: The LSC rack still had the DC power. The supplies were turned off at the KEPCO rack (the short rack). (Attachment 5)
    Note that the top-right supply for the +15V is not used. (The one in the empty slot got busted). We may need some attention to the left-most one in the second row. It indicated a negative current. Is this just the current meter problem or is the supply broken?
  • Control room: The CAD WS was turned off.

I declare that now we are ready for the power outage.

Attachment 1: PXL_20220812_234438097.jpg  2.851 MB  Uploaded Mon Aug 15 11:32:27 2022  | Show | Hide all | Show all
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Attachment 4: rn_image_picker_lib_temp_b5f3e38d-796c-4816-bc0e-b11ba3316cbe.jpg  2.544 MB  Uploaded Mon Aug 15 11:33:35 2022  | Hide | Hide all | Show all
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