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Entry  Wed Jul 13 07:16:48 2022, JC, Update, Electronics, Checking Sorensen Power Supplies 658C5D39-11BD-4EE3-90E2-34CBBC1DBD3C.jpeg5328312A-7918-44CC-82B7-54B57840A336.jpeg
    Reply  Fri Jul 15 12:21:58 2022, JC, Update, Electronics, Checking Sorensen Power Supplies 50DF21D7-D61A-4674-B0DA-463378B00ADB.jpegFA4CF579-6C1E-48D5-B152-74F35B4EE90B.jpeg
Message ID: 17005     Entry time: Fri Jul 15 12:21:58 2022     In reply to: 16995
Author: JC 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Checking Sorensen Power Supplies 

Of the 7 Sorenson Power Supplies I tested, 5 are working fine, 1 cannot output voltage more than 20 Volts before shorting, and other does not output current. Six Sorensons are behind the X-Arm.



I went around 40m picking up any Sorensens that were laying around to test if they worked, or in need of repair. I gathered up a total of 7 Sorensens and each one with a Voltmeter. I made sure the voltage would rise on the Sorenson as well as the voltmeter, maxing out at ~33.4 Volts. For the current, the voltmeter can only rise to 10 Amps before it is fused. Many of the Sorensons that I found did not have their own wall connection, so I had to use the same one for multiple.

From these 7, I have found 5 that are well. One Sorenson I have tested has a output shortage above 20V and the other has yet to be tested.


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