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Message ID: 16974     Entry time: Wed Jul 6 18:51:20 2022
Author: Deeksha 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: Measuring the Transfer Function of the PZT 

Yesterday, we set up the loop to measure the PZT of the transfer function - the MokuLab sends an excitation (note - a swept sine of 1.0 V) to the PZT. The cavity is locked to the PSL and the AUX is locked to the cavity. In order to measure the effect of our excitation, we take the beat note of the PSL and the AUX. This gives us a transfer function as seen in Attachment 1. The sampling rate of the MokuLab is set to 'ultrafast' (125kHz), so we can expect accurate performance upto 62.5kHz, however, in order to improve our readings beyond this frequency, modifications must be made to the script (MokuPhaseMeterTF) to avoid aliasing of the signal. A script should also be written to obtain and plot the coherence between the excitation and our output. 

Also attached are - Attachment 2 -  the circuit diagram of the setup, and Attachment 3 - the TF data calculated.

Edit - the SR560 as shown in the circuit diagram has since been replaced by a broadband splitter (Minicircuits ZFRSC-42-S+).

Attachment 1: pzt_transfer_fn.png  60 kB  Uploaded Wed Jul 6 20:03:23 2022  | Show | Show all
Attachment 2: ckt_diagram.jpeg  112 kB  Uploaded Wed Jul 6 20:03:42 2022  | Show | Show all
Attachment 3: MokuPhaseMeterTFData_20220706_174753_TF_Data.txt  1 kB  Uploaded Wed Jul 6 20:04:07 2022  | Show | Show all
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