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Entry  Thu May 12 13:46:59 2022, Jc, Update, Alignment, POP Beam IMG_0777.jpeg
    Reply  Thu May 12 17:20:08 2022, Paco, Update, Alignment, POP Beam on CCD PXL_20220513_002047233.jpg
Message ID: 16846     Entry time: Thu May 12 13:46:59 2022     Reply to this: 16847
Author: Jc 
Type: Update 
Category: Alignment 
Subject: POP Beam 

[Tega, JC]

Tega and I went in to adjust the POP being in the ITMX Table. The beam entered the table high, so we adjusted the this by adding mirrors (The highlighted in Turqoise are mirrors which adjust the pitch of the beam). All the mirrors are set and we are now in the process of adjusting the PD.

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