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Entry  Fri Apr 29 08:34:40 2022, JC, Update, VAC, RGA Pump Down Screen_Shot_2022-04-29_at_8.46.53_AM.png
    Reply  Tue May 3 13:18:47 2022, JC, Update, VAC, RGA Pump Down 
Message ID: 16825     Entry time: Tue May 3 13:18:47 2022     In reply to: 16820
Author: JC 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: RGA Pump Down 

Jordan, Tega, JC

Issue has been resolved. Breaker on RP1 was tripped so the RP1 button was reporting ON, but was not actually on which continuously tripped the V6 interlock. Breaker was reset, RP1 and RP3 turned on. The V6 was opened to rough out the RGA volume. Once, pressure was at ~100mtorr, V4 was opened to pump the RGA with TP2. V6 was closed and RP1/3 were turned off.

RGA is pumping down and will take scans next week to determine if a bakeout is needed


Jordan and I, in order to start pumpig down the RGA Volume, we began by opening V7 and VM. Afterwards, we started RP1 and RP3. After this, the pressure in the line between RP1, RP3, and V6 dropped to 3.4 mTorr. Next, we tried to open V6, although an error message popped up. We haven't been able to erase it since. But we were able to turn on TP2 with V4 closed. The pressure in that line is reporting 1.4 mTorr.


PRP on the sitemap is giving off an incorrect pressure for the line between RP1, RP3, and V6. This is verified by the pressure by the control screen and the physical controller as well. 


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