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Message ID: 16769     Entry time: Mon Apr 11 11:00:30 2022
Author: Jancarlo 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: C1VAC Reboot and Nitrogen tanks 

[Paco, JC, Ian, Jordan, Chub]

Checking in the morning, I walked over to the Nitrogen tanks to check the levels. Noticed one tank was empty, so I swapped it out. Chub came over to check the levels and to take note of how many tanks were left available for usage (None). Chub continued to put in a work order for a set of full Nitrogen tanks. We should be set on Nitrogen until Thursday this week (4/14/22).

As for C1VAC, this morning, Paco and I attempted to open the PSL shutter, but the interlock system was tripped so we didn't get any light into the IFO. We traced the issue down to C1VAC being unresponsive. We discussed this may have interlocked as a result of the Nitrogen tanks running out, but we do not believe this was the issue since we would have recieved an email. We tried troubleshooting as much as possible avoiding a reboot, but were unable to solve the issue. In response, we ran the idea of a reboot across Jordan and Ian, where everyone was in agreement, and fixed the system. Restarting c1vac seems to have closed V4, but this didn't cause any issues with the current state of the vacuum system.

After opening the PSL shutter again, we see the laser down the IFO, so we resume alignment work

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