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Message ID: 16634     Entry time: Mon Jan 31 10:39:19 2022
Author: Jordan 
Type: Update 
Category: VAC 
Subject: TP1 and Manual Gate Valve Removal 

Jordan, Chub

Today, Chub and I removed TP1 and the failed manual gate valve off of the pumping spool.

First, P2 needed to be vented in order to remove TP1. TP1 has a purge valve on the side of the pump which we slowly opened bringing the P2 volume up to atmosphere. Although, this was not vented using the dry air/N2, using this purge valve eliminated the need to vent the RGA volume.

Then we disconnected TP1 foreline, removed TP1+8" flange reducer, then the gate valve. All of the removed hardware looked good, so no need to replace bolts/nuts, only needs new gaskets. TP1 and the failed valve are sitting on a cart wrapped in foil next to the pumping station.

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