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Entry  Tue Jan 11 10:58:58 2022, Tega, Update, SUS, Temporary watchdog 
    Reply  Tue Jan 11 13:43:14 2022, Koji, Update, SUS, Temporary watchdog 
    Reply  Wed Jan 19 21:39:22 2022, Tega, Update, SUS, Temporary watchdog 
       Reply  Thu Jan 20 00:26:50 2022, Koji, Update, SUS, Temporary watchdog 
       Reply  Thu Jan 20 17:21:21 2022, Tega, Update, SUS, Temporary watchdog 
Message ID: 16571     Entry time: Tue Jan 11 10:58:58 2022     Reply to this: 16573   16600
Author: Tega 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Temporary watchdog 

Started working on this. First created a git repo for tracking https://git.ligo.org/40m/susaux.git

I have looked through the folder to see what needs doing and I think I know what needs to be done for the final case by just following the same pattern for the other optics, which I am listing below

- Create database file for the BHD optics, say C1_SUS-AUX_LO1.db by copying another optic database file say C1_SUS-AUX_SRM. Then replace the optic name.

- Insert a new line "C1:SUS-LO1_LATCH_OFF" in the file autoBurt_watchdogs.req

- Populate the file autoBurt.req with the appropriate channels for LO1

- Populate the file C1SUSaux_post.sh with the corresponding commands for LO1

- Add the line dbLoadDatabase("/cvs/cds/caltech/target/c1susaux/C1_SUS-AUX_LO1.db") to the file C1SUSaux.cmd


For the temporary watchdog, we comment everything I have just talked about, and do only what come next.

My question is the following:

I understand that we need to use the OUT16 slow channel as a temporary watchdog since we don't currently have access to the slow channels bcos the Acromag units have not been installed. My guess from Koji's instructions is that we need to update the channels in the last two fields "INPA" and "INPB" below

        field(DESC,"ANDs Enable with Watchdog")
        field(SCAN,"1 second")
        field(INPA,"C1:SUS-LO1_UL_COMM  PP  NMS")
        field(INPB,"C1:SUS-LO1_LATCH_OFF  PP  MS")

Suppose we replace the channel for INPA with C1:SUS-LO1_ULCOIL_OUT16, what about INPB. Is this even the right thing to do as I am just guessing here?


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