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Entry  Thu Jan 6 22:18:47 2022, Koji, Update, CDS, SUS screen debugging Screen_Shot_2022-01-06_at_18.03.24.png
    Reply  Tue Jan 11 10:46:07 2022, Tega, Update, CDS, SUS screen debugging 
       Reply  Fri Jan 21 12:46:31 2022, Tega, Update, CDS, SUS screen debugging Custom_ADC_DAC_monitors.png
Message ID: 16570     Entry time: Tue Jan 11 10:46:07 2022     In reply to: 16553     Reply to this: 16611
Author: Tega 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: SUS screen debugging 

Seen. Thanks.

Red Arrow: The channel was labeled incorrectly as INMON instead of OUTPUT

Green Arrow: OK, I will create a custom medm screen for this.

Blue arrow: Hmm, OK I will look into this. Doing this work remotely is a pain as the medm response is quite slow for poking around.

Orange circle: OK, I'll move this to the left side of the line.

Note to self: I also noticed another error on the side (LPYS blue box just b4 the sum). The channel is pointing to YAW instead of the side, so needs to be fixed as well.


Indicated by the red arrow:
Even when the side damping servo is off, the number appears at the input of the output matrix

Indicated by the green arrows:
The face magnets and the side magnets use different ADCs. How about opening a custom ADC panel that accommodates all ADCs at once? Same for the DAC.

Indicated by the blue arrows:
This button opens a custom FM window. When the pitch gain was modified with a ramping time, the pitch and yaw gain grows at the same time even though only the pitch gain was modified.

Indicated by the orange circle:
The numbers are not indicated here, but they are input-related numbers (for watchdogging) rather than output-related numbers. It is confusing to place them here.


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