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Message ID: 16530     Entry time: Tue Dec 21 16:52:39 2021
Author: Anchal 
Type: Summary 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: In-air Sat Amp to Vacuum Flange cables laid for 7 new SOS 

[Anchal, Yehonathan, Chub]

We today laid down 14 70 ft long DB25 cables from 1Y1 (6), 1Y0 (8) to ITMY Chamber (4), BS Chamber (6) and ITMX Chamber (4). The cables have been connected to respective satellite amplifier on the racks and the other ends are connected to the vacuum flange feedthru on ITMX for LO1 and PR2, while the others have been kept near the planned flange postions. LO1 is now ready to be connected to CDS by connecting the in-vacuum cable inside ITMX chamber to the OSEMs.

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