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Entry  Fri May 21 00:05:45 2021, Koji, Update, SUS, New electronics: Sat Amp / Coil Drivers F3CDEF8D-4B1E-42CF-8EFC-EA1278C128EB_1_105_c.jpeg
    Reply  Thu Jun 17 22:25:38 2021, Koji, Update, SUS, New electronics: Sat Amp / Coil Drivers P_20210604_231028.jpeg
       Reply  Wed Jul 21 14:50:23 2021, Koji, Update, SUS, New electronics P_20210629_183950.jpegP_20210719_135938.jpeg
          Reply  Tue Aug 17 04:30:35 2021, Koji, Update, SUS, New electronics P_20210816_234136.jpgP_20210816_235106.jpgP_20210816_234220.jpg
Message ID: 16212     Entry time: Thu Jun 17 22:25:38 2021     In reply to: 16149     Reply to this: 16252
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: New electronics: Sat Amp / Coil Drivers 

It is a belated report: We received 5 more sat amps on June 4th. (I said 7 more but it was 6 more) So we still have one more sat amp coming from Todd.

- 1 already delivered long ago
- 8 received from Todd -> DeLeone -> Chub. They are in the lab.
- 11 units on May 21st
- 5 units on Jun 4th
Total 1+8+11+5 = 25
1 more unit is coming



11 new Satellite Amps were picked up from Downs. 7 more are coming from there. I have one spare unit I made. 1 sat amp has already been used at MC1.

We had 8 HAM-A coil drivers delivered from the assembling company. We also have two coil drivers delivered from Downs (Anchal tested)


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