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Entry  Thu Jun 17 11:19:37 2021, Ian MacMillan, Update, CDS, CDS Upgrade 
    Reply  Mon Jun 21 17:15:49 2021, Ian MacMillan, Update, CDS, CDS Upgrade DAC2ADC_Test.py
Message ID: 16208     Entry time: Thu Jun 17 11:19:37 2021     Reply to this: 16217
Author: Ian MacMillan 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: CDS Upgrade 

Jon and I tested the ADC and DAC cards in both of the systems on the test stand. We had to swap out an 18-bit DAC for a 16-bit one that worked but now both machines have at least one working ADC and DAC.

[Still working on this post. I need to look at what is in the machines to say everything ]

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