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Entry  Mon Jun 7 15:37:01 2021, Anchal, Paco, Yehonathan, Summary, Cameras, Mon 7 in Control Room Died 
    Reply  Wed Jun 16 13:20:19 2021, Anchal, Paco, Summary, Cameras, Mon 7 in Control Room Replaced IMG_20210616_083810.jpg
Message ID: 16190     Entry time: Mon Jun 7 15:37:01 2021     Reply to this: 16204
Author: Anchal, Paco, Yehonathan 
Type: Summary 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: Mon 7 in Control Room Died 

We found Mon7 in control room dead today afternoon. It's front power on green light is not lighting up. All other monitors are working as normal.

This monitor was used for looking at IMC camera analog feed. It is one of the most important monitors for us, so we should replace it with a different monitor.

Yehonathan and Paco disconnected the monitor and brought it down. We put it under the back table if anyone wants to fix it. Paco has ordered a BNC to VGA/HDMI converter to put in any normal monitor up there. It will happen this Wednesday. Meanwhile, I have changed the MON4 assignment from POP to Quad2 to be used for IMC.

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