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Message ID: 16142     Entry time: Sat May 15 12:39:54 2021
Author: gautam 
Type: Update 
Category: PSL 
Subject: NPRO tripped/switched off 

The NPRO has been off since ~1AM this morning it looks like. Is this intentional? Can I turn it back on (or at least try to)? The interlock signal we are recording doesn't report getting tripped but I think this has been the case in the past too.

After getting the go ahead from Koji, I turned the NPRO back on, following the usual procedure of diode current ramping. PMC and IMC locked. Let's see if this was a one-off or something chronic.

Attachment 1: NPRO.png  138 kB  Uploaded Sat May 15 13:40:16 2021  | Show | Show all
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