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Message ID: 16140     Entry time: Fri May 14 03:29:50 2021
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: HV Driver noise test with the new HV power supply from Matsusada 

I believe I did the identical test with the one in [40m ELOG 15786]. The + input of PA95 was shorted to the ground to exclude the noise from the bias input. The voltage noise at TP6 was measured with +/-300V supply by two HP6209 and two Matsusada R4G360.

With R4G360, the floor level was identical and 60Hz line peaks were less. It looks like R4G360 is cheap, easier and precise to handle, and sufficiently low noise.

Attachment 1: HV_Driver_PSD.pdf  132 kB  Uploaded Fri May 14 04:42:58 2021  | Hide | Hide all
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