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Entry  Thu Oct 15 20:00:23 2020, Koji, Summary, General, HEPA AC cord replacement P_20201015_200732.jpgP_20201015_200752.jpgP_20201015_202615.jpgP_20201015_204234.jpg
    Reply  Thu Apr 1 23:55:33 2021, Koji, Summary, General, HEPA AC cord replacement 
       Reply  Fri Apr 2 15:17:23 2021, gautam, Summary, General, HEPA AC cord replacement 
          Reply  Tue Apr 6 21:17:04 2021, Koji, Summary, General, PSL HEPA investigation 20210406211741_IMG_0554.jpeg20210406211840_IMG_0555.jpeg20210406211850_IMG_0556.jpeg
Message ID: 15989     Entry time: Thu Apr 1 23:55:33 2021     In reply to: 15630     Reply to this: 15992
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: HEPA AC cord replacement 

I think the PSL HEPA (both 2 units) are not running. The switches were on. And the variac was changed from 60% to 0%~100% a few times but no success.
I have no troubleshooting power anymore today. The main HEPA switch was turned off.

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