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Entry  Mon Mar 1 11:40:15 2021, Anchal, Paco, Summary, IMC, getting familiar with IMC controls 
    Reply  Mon Mar 1 12:36:38 2021, gautam, Summary, IMC, getting familiar with IMC controls 
Message ID: 15852     Entry time: Mon Mar 1 12:36:38 2021     In reply to: 15851
Author: gautam 
Type: Summary 
Category: IMC 
Subject: getting familiar with IMC controls 

Pretty minor thing - but PMCT and PMCR were switched on Quad 2 for whatever reason. I switched them back because I prefer the way it was. I have saved snapshots of the preferred monitor config for locking but I guess I didn't freeze the arrangement of the individual quadrants within a quad. This would be more of a problem if the ITMs and ETMs are shuffled around or something like that.


- Switched channels around on video controls; changed C1:VID-MON7 to 16, back to 30, then C1:VID-QUAD2_4 to 16, to 18, then 20, back to 16, to 14 (which identified as PMCT), to 1 (IMC). Anyways, looks like IMC is locked.

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