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Entry  Fri Feb 12 15:03:48 2021, Jordan, Update, SUS, CoM on 3"->2" Adapter Ring for SOS Screenshot_(1).pngScreenshot_(3).pngCoM.PNG
    Reply  Wed Feb 17 13:59:43 2021, Koji, Update, SUS, CoM on 3"->2" Adapter Ring for SOS 
Message ID: 15806     Entry time: Fri Feb 12 15:03:48 2021     Reply to this: 15813
Author: Jordan 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: CoM on 3"->2" Adapter Ring for SOS 

As it currently stands the Center of Mass of the Adapter Ring/Optic assembly is 0.0175" out of the plane formed by the suspension wire. See Attachments. The side plate, along with the EQ stops are hidden to show the CoM and the plane.

Note: The changes discussed in the meeting with Calum have not been added and are a work in progress. These changes include:

- Adding a 45 deg chamfer to the both parallel faces of the adapter ring. This along with a modified bracket for the EQ stops will allow for easier adjustment of the screws. 

- Potentially changing material of adapter ring to stainless stell to more accurately emulate the mass of a 3" optic.

- Different adjustment mechanism of the "dumbell" at bottom of adapter ring to something similar to the VOPO suspension (will need to consult Calum further)

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