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Entry  Thu May 7 12:21:36 2009, josephb, alex, Configuration, Computers, fb40m  
    Reply  Thu May 7 15:22:19 2009, josephb, alberto, Configuration, Computers, fb40m  
Message ID: 1554     Entry time: Thu May 7 12:21:36 2009     Reply to this: 1555
Author: josephb, alex 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: fb40m  

Having determined that Rana (the computer) was having to many issues with testing the new Raid array due to age of the system, we proceeded to test on fb40m.


We brought it down and up several times between 11 and noon.  We  eventually were able to daisy chain the old raid and the new raid so that fb40m sees both.  At this time, the RAID arrays are still daisy chained, but the computer is setup to run on just the original raid, while the full 14 TB array is initialized (16 drives, 1 hot spare, RAID level 5 means 14 TB out of the 16 TB are actually available).  We expect this to take a few hours, at which point we will copy the data from the old RAID to the new RAID (which I also expect to take several hours).  In the meantime, operations should not be affected.  If it is, contact one of us.



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