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Message ID: 1538     Entry time: Fri May 1 18:24:36 2009
Author: Alberto 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: jitter of REFL beam ? 
Some loud thinking.
For the measurement of the length of the PRC, I installed a fast photodiode in the path of the beam reflected by PRM which goes to the 199 PD on the AS table. I picked up the beam by a flipping mirror on the same table.
I have the problem that the DC power that I measure at the PD when the PRC is locked is not constant but fluctuates. This fluctuation is irregular and has a frequency of about one Hz or so. I.e. it makes the 33 Mhz line on the PD oscillate by +/- 10 dBm.
Since this fluctuation does not appear at the REFL 33 PD, which has a much larger surface, but also shows up on the REFL 199 PD, I suspected that it was due to the very small size of the fast PDs. If the spot is too large, I thought, the power on the PD should be affected by the beam jitter.
Trying to avoid any beam jitter, I placed two lenses with focal lengths one ten times the other on the optical path in such a way to reduce the spot size on my fast PD by the same factors. The DC power was still fluctuating, so I'm not sure it's beam jitter anymore.
SPOB is definitely not constant when the PRC is normally locked, even with high loop gains, so maybe the reflected power really fluctuates that much.
Although, if it's actually the DC power that is fluctuating, shouldn't it appear also at the REFL 33 and shouldn't it be a problem that it shows up also in REFL 199? The elog doesn't say anything about that.

It's crucial that I get a stable transmitted power to have an accurate measurement of the PRC transmissivity and thus of its macroscopic length.

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