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Entry  Thu Mar 26 22:31:34 2020, Yehonathan, Update, CDS, C1AUXEY wiring + channel list 
    Reply  Thu Apr 2 16:31:33 2020, Jon, Update, CDS, C1AUXEY wiring + channel list 
       Reply  Thu Apr 2 22:19:18 2020, Koji, Update, CDS, C1AUXEY wiring + channel list 
          Reply  Fri Apr 3 12:09:53 2020, Jon, Update, CDS, C1AUXEY wiring + channel list 
Message ID: 15292     Entry time: Thu Apr 2 16:31:33 2020     In reply to: 15285     Reply to this: 15293
Author: Jon 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: C1AUXEY wiring + channel list 

I have made a wiring + channel list that need to be included in the new C!AUXEY Acromag.

I used Yehonathan's wiring assignments to lay the rest of groundwork for the final slow controls machine upgrade, c1auxey. Actions completed:

  • Created an internal wiring diagram for assembling the Acromag chassis (log in with LIGO.ORG credentials to view/edit)
  • Created a new target directory on the network drive:

The "1" will be dropped after the new system is permanently installed.

  • Populated the target directory with files:
    • modbusIOC.service - wraps the EPICS IOC as a systemd service
    • ETMYaux.env - defines the EPICS environment variables
    • ETMYaux.cmd - command file to set up the EPICS IOC
    • ETMYaux.sh - enables DAC outputs to the suspension (executed lastly)
  • Created the EPICS channel databases:
    • ETMYaux.db - migration of the existing database
    • c1auxey_state.db - contains logic for loopback monitoring of the IOC "alive" state (visible from Sitemap > CDS > Slow Controls Status)

Hardware-wise, this system will require:

  • 2 Acromag XT-1221 units (ADC)
  • 1 Acromag XT-1541 unit (DAC)
  • 1 Acromag XT-1111 unit (sinking BIO)

I know that we do have these quantities left on hand. The next steps are to set up the Supermicro host and begin assembling the Acromag chassis. Both of these activities require an in-person presence, so I think this is as far as we can advance this project for now.

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